Why Study CELTA at MTI

Gateway to Global English Teaching

In the English teaching world, certain certifications command respect, offer versatile career
paths, and open doors to opportunities on a global scale. The CELTA (Certificate in English
Language Teaching to Adults) is one such certification. At MTI, we take pride in offering this
world-class qualification to aspiring and experienced teachers alike. So why should you
study for a CELTA? Let’s dive in and explore the compelling reasons.


Internationally Recognised Quality

CELTA, provided by Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge, is
internationally recognised and highly regarded in over 100 countries worldwide. The prestige
associated with CELTA ensures that the certification is well-recognised, widely accepted,
and truly stands out in the global job market. As a result, CELTA graduates often find it
easier to secure high-quality teaching roles across the globe.


Comprehensive and Practical Training

CELTA’s curriculum stands out for its comprehensiveness and focus on practical training.
This 120-hour course offers a balanced mix of theory and practice, ensuring you gain the
skills necessary to become an effective English language teacher. CELTA isn’t just about
reading and writing assignments—it’s about engaging in genuine teaching practice. The
course emphasises hands-on teaching experience, giving you the opportunity to hone your
skills and gain confidence in a supportive, real-world teaching environment.

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Standardised Curriculum

CELTA’s curriculum is standardised worldwide, which means the content and quality of the
course are consistent, no matter where you take it. At MTI, our expert trainers adhere to
these rigorous standards and deliver high-quality, consistent training that aligns with
Cambridge’s benchmarks. This standardisation ensures that every student walks away with
the same high level of knowledge and skills, wherever they choose to study.

Exceptional Career Opportunities

With a CELTA, not only can you work almost anywhere in the world, but you can also access
a wide array of job opportunities in different teaching environments. From private language
schools and summer camps to corporate training and university programs, a CELTA
certificate opens up exciting and diverse career paths. Furthermore, CELTA is often a
prerequisite for more advanced teaching positions and can significantly enhance your career


Personal and Professional Development

Beyond the immediate career benefits, studying for a CELTA at MTI offers immense
personal and professional growth opportunities. The course pushes you to refine your
communication, problem-solving, and planning skills. As you grapple with the challenge of
teaching adults from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds, you’ll grow as an educator,
a leader, and an individual.

At MTI, we offer a supportive, engaging, and collaborative environment to embark on your
CELTA journey. We believe in nurturing confident, knowledgeable, and empathetic English
language teachers who can make a difference in the lives of their students. So why study
CELTA? Because it’s your ticket to a rewarding and globally recognised teaching career. And
why study at MTI? Because we’re committed to ensuring that journey is as enriching,
enjoyable, and successful as possible.