The School

At the heart of our business is the desire to provide individuals with quality learning and teaching opportunities. Whether that is training to become an English language teacher, taking our highly successful Improve your Business English course, or learning English in our free lessons, individuals are offered a personal, professional experience based on interactive and communicative teaching methodologies.

MTI is a Cambridge University authorised centre and offers the highly regarded CELTA and DELTA courses. Since 2010, over 1300 new teachers have gained their CELTA qualification with the help and expert guidance from our supportive team at MTI.

We continue to develop and improve our services through ongoing feedback and reflection, and in more recent years, MTI has become an online training centre which has seen us opening up to candidates from across the globe. This has only added to our commitment to helping people from around the world gain new and exciting life and career opportunities.

A few words from the director

As the director of MTI every day is busy, but always rewarding. My goal is to support and empower trainers to provide quality programmes. I aim for both teachers and students to enjoy their training and learning experiences and genuinely recommend MTI to others.


“I finished the intensive CELTA course in MTA two weeks ago. I would highly recommend this center to anyone who is interested in undertaking the CELTA course in Melbourne. The tutors unselfishly shared their professional knowledge and skills of teaching with us. I benefited from their advices and encouragement so much. I am now more aware of the teaching profession, confident in entering the industry and ready for future challenges."
“It was an inspiring experience for me to be actually facilitating/teaching a class. The learners were so motivated and appreciative and it felt a privilege to just be given the opportunity to assist them improving their English speaking skills. I am grateful to MTA and its tutors who needed to cover an enormous amount of ground with us in just four weeks, which they did quite masterfully and creatively! And…. what a fabulous bunch of trainees."
”I undertook a full time CELTA course with Melbourne Training Asscoiates and could not have asked for a better more enriching learning experience. From the outset, the tutors at MTA made me feel very welcome, and generously shared their teaching knowledge, advice and wisdom. In four action packed weeks, I learnt an enormous amount about teaching pedagogy and many useful strategies for teaching English effectively. I also gained invaluable practical teaching experience, teaching real students right from the get go. Thanks to the tutors at MTA and my peers, I now feel equipped to embark on my English teaching career. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to teach English in the future.
The course is rather intensive indeed. There were a few nights when I would be up until late preparing my lesson plans; I would end up with only three or four hours of sleep, which isn’t exactly what you need before teaching a class. Week three was, perhaps, the hardest for most of us, as we had to submit (and re-submit) our assignments and prepare for the lessons. The best thing about the course is definitely the people I met—tutors, trainees, and students—and the amazing experience that we had together. I feel quite confident about the things that I learnt on the course, and I can’t wait for an opportunity to put my newly acquired skills to practice.