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Improving your business English has measurable results: success with job applications, improved client/customer relationships and more effective team communication.

Studies show better English results in better opportunities and advanced careers with increased competence in the professional world. 

This applies to speakers of other languages and native speakers of English.

Business English Course

Do one module or the whole package to refine your Business English Skills.

Module 1: Presentation skills

Sharpen your use of language, pronunciation and presentation skills to deliver engaging, articulate and successful presentations at work.

  • When: Scheduled at your convenience.
  • Cost: $350
Module 2: Business meetings

Learn the language and techniques for leading effective f2f and online business meetings. Refine your skills in giving reports, status updates and asking for clarification.

  • When: Scheduled at your convenience.
  • Cost: $350
Module 3: Professional Business Writing

Learn to use AI to write emails, reports, proposals and articles more efficiently. Ensure your writing is effective: professional and accurate.

  • When: Scheduled at your convenience.
  • Cost: $350
Discounted to $900 for all three modules

One-One Sessions

Individual, tailor-made sessions to effectively improve language and business communication skills at work.

• Call 1300 321 102
• Email:

• Fill out our form and book in for a free assessment.

Price: Series of 6 x lessons $1250

Small group/teams

Full day workshops:

Tailor-made for company teams or staff members.

Focusing on your company’s needs.

Book now for a free consultation.

• Call 1300 321 102 
• Email:

Price: 4+ participants prices start at $2,500

MTI offers tailored customised programmes for individuals and teams.  We will conduct an analysis of needs  and write a proposal for a series of sessions. We will tailor-make the lessons to focus on the goals of the individual or the organisation.  Examples of workplace tasks our sessions will impact are:

  1. Giving Presentations.
  2. Participating in and running meetings.
  3. Better emails for building relationships and better results.
  4. Formal writing – reports and proposals.
  5. Phone language – for specific outcomes.

Better English at work

Over the years, our unique and customised one-to-one lessons have helped a range of
business professionals. These include a solar-panel expert from a city council, a team leader from a superannuation company, a pharmacist, a civil engineer writing reports for a city council and call centre personnel based in the Philippines, to name a few.

The tailored lessons have refined our skills to help our clients to:

  • be more confident with presenting products and services                                                   
  • improve communication in team meetings 
  • deal successfully with enquiries and complaints via email 
  • write clear, accurate and professional reports  
  • improve listening and pronunciation on the phone

Business English for everyone

At MTI we focus on the needs and goals of skilled professionals.

No matter what industry or position, whether you are a native speaker of English or English is another language for you – we can pinpoint areas to improve and focus your time with us in a way that impacts your success at work.


“Jo has been taking care of my needs since our first session. Apart from setting up the interactive teaching materials based on my interests, she will identify some common phrases and terms which are very useful in social and business setting. I really enjoy the oral, listening writing, and reading exercises we went through in different sessions. Additionally, I appreciate her summary and extra learning materials following up our sessions."
Architect for the commercial real estate industry
“I had a great experience learning professional English for business with Barbara. She was very knowledgeable, patient and engaging. She tailored the lessons to my needs and goals and gave me useful feedback and tips. I learned a lot of new expressions and skills that I can apply in my work. She also made the sessions fun and interactive by using games and quizzes. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their professional English. "
Software Engineer in the gaming industry

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